Hello! I'm Andrew, a British photographer and travel blogger, trying to record the world through words and images, with a dash of humour sprinkled in there too. I started travelling independently on my gap year in 2015, when I went to America to be camp counsellor for the summer. Since then I have travelled to fantastic places such as Goa in India, The Pyrenees in France and Stavanger in Norway.

As someone who is naturally shy and more of a glass empty than glass full kind of person, travelling reminds me of all the beauty and goodness there is in the world. When I step off a plane in a new country I'm overcome with a childlike excitement to explore and document everything I can, and I want to share that with you. My goal with this travel blog is to inspire you to travel, both abroad and in the U.K., and to prove that if a quiet, sometimes awkward, person can do it, you can too! Failing that, hopefully I can make you smile, and perhaps even laugh at the antics I get up to around the world. 

When I'm not frolicking about on some grassy hills singing The Sound of Music, as the photo opposite suggests, I reside in London, working in a museum and trying to make it as a freelance photographer.