"I think Brexit is a big mistake that younger people who didn't necessarily vote for it will have to suffer from."


Shot at one of her favourite places in London, 3 Mills Film & TV Studios.

Nationality: Finnish.


Location: London.


Occupation: Actor.


How long have you lived in the U.K.?

I moved here in June 2018, so just a bit longer than 2 years.

Why did you move to the U.K.?

I originally came here to do a gap year as an Au Pair before going back to Finland to study, but I started feeling like Au Pairing wasn't really working out for me. At the same time, I was really loving my screen acting course I was doing on the weekends, so I applied to the International School of Screen Acting to do it full time and got in, found a flat and a job so I could stop Au Pairing. Now I've finished my two year acting course and I'm still loving London life.

What does your family think about you living in the U.K.?

They don't really like it, they'd prefer I stayed in Finland, but at the end of the day it's my life and my choices.


As a European, what's it like living in the U.K.?

When I first moved here it was hard because I had such a strong accent and people didn't always understand what I was saying. Being a shy person and being in a new country, having to repeat myself all the time was frustrating. Nowadays people just get intrigued and ask me where I'm from when they hear me speak for the first time. Overall, I think London is a great place to live with amazing places and people, but I haven't really visited other areas of the UK yet.


What do you dislike about living in the U.K.?

I feel like sometimes people are not as genuine as they are in Finland, but on the other hand people are more social here, which I like. 

What do you think about Brexit?

I think it's a big mistake that younger people who didn't necessarily vote for it will have to suffer from.


Will you stay in the U.K. after the Brexit transition period?

I'm quite spontaneous, so my plans could change, but as of now I think I'll stay, unless I find acting work somewhere else.

What would you like people who voted Brexit to know?

I hope you got what you wanted and you don't regret your vote.

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