"I feel more at home here than in Poland. 

I feel free to express myself."


Shot next to some of her favourite graffiti in London.

Nationality: Polish.


Location: London.


Occupation: Face and body artist.

How long have you lived in the U.K.?

Around 6 years.


Why did you move to the U.K.?

I was looking for some kind of adventure.

What does your family think about you living in the U.K.?

London is closer than New York, where I used to live before, so they prefer that I live here than in America.

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As a European, what's it like living in the U.K.?

Surprisingly, I feel more at home here than in Poland. I feel free to express myself in the U.K. I love how vibrant and multicultural it is, a melting pot of all nationalities, art and culture. I also love to cycle, and the UK weather allows you to do it all year long, which is great.

What do you dislike about living in the U.K.?



What do you think about Brexit?

It’s stupid! I can understand that people wanted change, but... Big mistake.


Will you stay in the U.K. after the Brexit transition period?

I will probably stay, but Spain also looks attractive.

What would you like people who voted Brexit to know?

To be careful what they wish for. I think people have been tricked into thinking that Brexit will bring positive changes, but the UK will lose a lot - lose the richness of culture, spice, and variety. Not to mention the costs...

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